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30W Upgrade Module for LaserMATIC Mk2

30W Upgrade Module for LaserMATIC Mk2

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Upgrade module for LaserMATIC Mk2:

  • Offers 30% uplift in cutting performance compared to the 20W, and 100% uplift compared to the 10W;
  • Shares the same beam position with the 10W and 20W module. No need to change settings in LightBurn;
  • Share the same wiring connection and mechanical mounting points as the 10W and 20W modules. New power supply is included;
  • 10/30W material settings library for LightBurn included;
  • 30W module is 8mm taller than the 10W or 20W module. Keep this in mind for rotary engraving;
  • Not recommended for the Mk1 due to current limitation


Fulfilled from our SoCal warehouse via FedEx

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