We've stretched the Mk2!

We are excited to introduce the LaserMATIC Mk2 XW. It's the same Mk2 our customers love, but with close to 50% more work area.

Pre-order the XW

About Roly Automation

We are a small team based in Shenzhen, China. We set out in April 2022 to design and manufacturer the world's most user-friendly and integrated laser engraver, and I believe we've done just that.

As scheduled, the pre-order for the LaserMATIC Mk2 is now live! The 20W module will be made available as a standalone unit for owners of the LaserMATIC10. Reserve your unit today!

  • Class-leading build quality

    Built like no other consumer desktop engraver on the market.

  • All accessories included

    Includes helpful starting material kit to get you started engraving right away.

  • Fully featured

    Both versions of the LaserMATIC10 include dual limit switches on both the X and Y-axis, as well as basic Wi-Fi functionality.