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LaserMATIC Mk2, Diode Laser Engraver Available in 10W, 20W and 30W Configurations

LaserMATIC Mk2, Diode Laser Engraver Available in 10W, 20W and 30W Configurations

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Prices for all configurations listed below:

Output power 10W 20W 30W
Price With chuck rotary $1049 $1299 $1599
Without rotary $899 $1099 $1399
Module only N/A $399 N/A

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  • Available in 10W, 20W and 30W configurations. They share the same frame and features, with power output being the only difference;
  • Includes integrated enclosure with camera, chuck rotary, air assist and honeycomb table;
  • 20W and 30W modules offers greater power and faster cutting speeds, as well as a 10W "engraving mode" for detailed engraves;
  • Mk2 features: integrated air assist, passthrough slot, removable bottom panel. Comes completely assembled;
  • Several useful accessories available: jig table, side exhaust mod, and the bottom panel drop-down mod;
  • Comes with various design tweaks and refinements based on feedback of earlier-batch Mk2s: including fully-sealed bottom panel, clearance for laser module at its highest position across the work space, updated circuit board, and more powerful rotary.


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Get projects done faster

Get through orders faster with improved optical power. 20W module offers 50% uplift in cutting speeds compared to the original LaserMATIC10 Mk1, while the 30W modules cuts at twice the Mk1's speed.

Best of both worlds

Our higher-powered modules feature a 10W engraving mode. Only two diodes are engaged in this mode, which reduces focus spot size and improves engraving details.

In this engraving mode, the 20W module approaches a typical 10W module in terms of detail, while burning much darker. The 30W also engraves much better than a typical 30W module without a dedicated engraving mode.

Can the new modules be installed on the original LaserMATIC10?

Yes. The standalone 20W module is designed specifically to fit on the original LaserMATIC10, with a new 24V power supply included.
The 30W module cannot be installed on the LaserMATIC10.

Chuck rotary

LaserMATIC Mk2 comes with an optional chuck rotary. Designed to fit inside the enclosure, it opens up more engraving options and improves repeatability by eliminating slippage that's common to roller rotaries.

Integrated air assist

New air asssist directly plugs into the machine and can be controlled by LightBurn.

Lessons learned from LaserMATIC10 Mk1

In servicing our customers, we've learned exactly where the Mk1 machine needed to be improved, and we've taken those lessons and applied them to the Mk2 machines.

Robust cables

Reinforced drag chain cables are designed to withstand 8 million cycles of bending, making cable failures due to fatigue much less likely.

Easy-to-clean module

Cleaning the laser lens is now much easier, with the bottom acrylic shroud and air assist nozzle coming off as one piece, now with screws that don't strip.

Spec comparison

Output power 10W 20W 30W
Cutting speed, basswood plywood
3mm thick 420 630 810
6mm thick 210 315 420
Available as standalone module, as upgrade for original LaserMATIC10 No Yes No
Focus spot size - 10W mode (mm) n/a 0.20 x 0.06 0.14 x 0.18
Focus spot size - max power (mm) 0.06 x 0.14 0.24 x 0.12 0.35 x 0.22
Work table size (mm) 410 x 390
Maximum scanning speed (mm/min) 30,000
Exterior dimensions (mm) 576mm W x 615mm D x 293mm H
Compatible OS Windows, macOS