LaserMATIC10 Camera Setup

There are several excellent videos from the laser engraving community on LightBurn camera calibration, including ones from the LightBurn team themselves.

For lens calibration (teaching LightBurn the distortion in your camera lens), we recommend following the steps outlined in the video below. This step is already completed from the factory and can be imported along with the machine definitions, though you may find better success manually calibrating it again. Before attempting to manually re-calibrate the lens, please be sure to prepare a very flat calibration card, as suggested in the video.

For alignment calibration, we recommend following along to the video below. The section on alignment starts around 12:15. This step is relatively straightforward compared to lens calibration.

If you encounter any issues with your camera. Please don't hesitate to reach out! Email us at or book a tech support call at: Good luck!